Abandon All Hope

I cannot tell you how many times I have watched “Mizumono.” I have listened to its climactic conclusion even more—a rip of its audio in my music library.  Hard to imagine then that I could glean anything else from repeat viewings at this point, but this is Hannibal we are talking about. It was during … Continue reading

With a Little Help from My Friends

At the end of “Ko No Mono,” Will tells Mason Verger that, if Hannibal had “his druthers,” Mason would be “wrapped around a bullet right now.” The next episode, “Tome-wan,” begins with Will informing Hannibal about what he has set in motion. W: Can you explain my actions? Can you posit my intentions? What would … Continue reading

The Killing of a Sacred Ravenstag

In “Stuck in the In-Between with You,” I wrote about how I still puzzle over the meaning of the Ravenstag even after multiple rewatches. What is its narrative purpose? What does it convey to and about Will Graham? And part of the reason why I continue to ask myself these questions is that the significance … Continue reading

To Catch a Cannibal

Much of what I have written about season two boils down to when, how, for whom, and to what end Will Graham puts on a performance. Questions that are difficult to answer given his ability to entwine truths and half-truths and falsehoods and misdirections and insinuations and lies of omission in a single conversation. And … Continue reading

Prayer for the Dead

As we make our way through this series rewatch, I find myself fixating on Will’s cryptic dialogue. Hannibal rightly receives a lot of attention for his clever use of language—his double entendres and half truths—but Will is an equally deft wordsmith. A skill on full display over the course of season two, with Will weaponizing … Continue reading

A Collection of Glass Animals

“I’ve always had a thing about glass. I had a magic mushroom experience very early on where I got a bit freaked out about being symmetrical. I imagined I had a sheet of glass running right through me. Glass became quite frightening. I think glass is quite a frightening substance…glass becomes something that holds you … Continue reading

Shark Bait

In “Takiawase,” Will Graham brokers a deal with Dr. Frederick Chilton. A quid pro quo. Will agrees to let Chilton test* him. “You will be the first and last word in the mind of Will Graham,” Will lures. “God, you could dine out on that for years.” In exchange, Chilton promises not to discuss Will … Continue reading

Into the Woodshed

“I didn’t kill anyone,” Will tells Hannibal in “Savoureux.” “Someone is making sure no one believes me.” By the end of the episode, Will is “almost certain” he knows who that someone is. Even before a recovered memory of Hannibal forcing Abigail’s severed ear down his throat removes any doubt, Will spends much of “Kaiseki” … Continue reading

A Thousand Ghostly Fears

Will Graham confounds me. Sometimes I watch an episode and take in his behavior, and derive such a sense of clarity I could sing my certainty from the rooftops. Other times, I watch an episode and find myself totally befuddled by what Will’s thinking or what’s motivating his actions. I mean, I want to make … Continue reading

Gives You Well

I have written before about Will’s “pregnant” choice of words. And this exchange from “Kaiseki” offered another loaded phrase to pore over: “I hear Hannibal’s voice in the well of my mind.” The “well of my mind.”  As viewers, we are no strangers to Will’s consciousness. We access it regularly via his empath visions, dreams, … Continue reading


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